Warranty for Outdoor Use

PTEROFLAT XT PMMA sheets are suitable for outdoor use. PTEROFLAT XT provides a 10-year warranty for flat transparent sheets for optical and mechanical properties. PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Sheets protect its optical and mechanical properties for long time periods considering designated area or location.

*Delta Light Transmission (%) **Delta Yellowness Index
10 Years 1-6 5

* Light transmission value is measured according to ASTM D 1003.
** Delta yellowness index is measured according to ASTM D 1925.

Expected minimum mechanical properties changes after 10 years will be on below properties:

- Tensile strength after 10 years: 50 N/mm2
- Flexural modulus of elasticity after 10 years: 3000 N/mm2
- Coefficient of linear expansion : 7 x 10^(-5) m/m°C

The warranty shall come into force the day PTEROFLAT XT Sheets are delivered to the customer. The warranty applies exclusively to standard PTEROFLAT XT Sheets used correctly as flat sheets which are installed, handled, machined, fabricated and maintained according to POLITEM Dynamic Plastic recommendations and instructions.

No warranty will be available for sheets that have been exposed to corrosive materials and environments.