Density1.2 g/cm3MethodISO 1183
Water absorption0.15%MethodISO 62
Light Transmission81-90% (thickness correlated)MethodISO 1183
Refractive Index1.585MethodISO 489 A
Tensile Strength60 MPaMethodISO 527-2
Elongation at Break6%MethodISO 527-2
Tensile Modulus2300 MPaMethodISO 527-2
Flexural Modulus2300 MPaMethodISO 178
Charpy Impact UnnotchedNBMethodISO 180/1U
Charpy Impact Notched>65 kJ/m2MethodISO 180/1A
Vicat softening temp. (50N)103 oC (ISO 306)MethodISO 306
Heat deflection temp. MethodISO 75-1
Thermal condultivity0.2 W/m. oCMethodISO 8302
FlammabilityHB, V2MethodUL-94 class

Handling of PTEROFLAT XT Solid PC Sheets


Dirt and sharp angles may damage the surface in the case of friction. Sheets must be secured to prevent sliding and stable, flat pallets must be used during transportation.
The sheets must not be allowed to slide on each other during loading and unloading operations.
Sheets must be lifted without any dragging.


- The sheets must be stored in closed places with normal environmental conditions.
- The sheets must be stored one on top of the other on flat horizontal surfaces and fully supported over their total area.
- The topmost panel should be covered with a sheet of polyethylene or cardboard and etc. PTEROFLAT XT Solid PC Sheets must not be stored in direct sunlight or under conditions of high humidity and/or temperature as this can have a negative effect of protective film adhesion.