MAGNAPBT is the brand name of Polybutylene Teraphythalate (PBT) Compounds that POLITEM produces.


 • Unreinforced
• Impact modified
• UV/light stabilized
• Laser markable
• Glass fiber reinforced
• Carbon fiber reinforced
• Glass bead reinforced
• Mineral filled and reinforced
• Surface modified
• Low warpage types
• Flame retardant
• High tracing resistance
• Lubricated
• Heat stabilized
• Electrical conductive
• Direct metallizable
• Speciality


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.

Politem was established in 2006 to produce PA feedstocks by using post-industrial textile wastes and over the years Politem has become a part of ecological loop. Plastics are being used prevalently and are infamous with the harm given to globe..
Politem, contributes to health industry by providing its special product developed specifically for this application- Ultra High Melt PP-H - to produce protective melt blown masks. Our material code is ANKYLOPE® P20-149.
We participated in INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL PLASTICS INDUSTRY FAIR, the 25th of which was held on the dates of 3-6 December 2015, with our whole team. We thank our all guests, who visited our booth during the fair, for their attention...