As POLITEM, we are committed to produce high-added value engineering plastic compounds by
  • Bringing sustainability into the forefront
  • Ensuring superior quality at every stage
  • Providing our partners with strong technical support and innovative solutions
  • Building competitive and cooperative business partnerships
  • Preserving our sense of social responsability and environmental conscience
Our vision is to become innovative solution partner of our customers and to pioneer in sustainable
plastic ecosystem as being customized product and service provider in global scale.


As POLITEM, we consider quality management systems to be essential for sustainable co-
development and to have strategic importance for reliable partnerships and continuous
business growth.
In accordance with this awareness, we are committed to

  • Increase our productivity, market share, competitive power and ensure its sustainability with a continuous improvement approach valid for all our management systems.
  • Address customer satisfaction effectively by meeting the needs and expectations of customers.
  • Promote quality culture within the organisation.
  • Minimize all factors causing environmental pollution, ensure efficient use of energy & natural resources and dispose unusable wastes with appropriate methods.
  • Provide a safer and healthier working environment according to the legal regulations.
  • Increase the productivity and motivation of our employees.
  • Be transparent to our stakeholders in our actions and practices.
  • Ensure continuity in quality by fulfilling necessary legal requirements and adopting new regulations.

Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.

Politem was established in 2006 to produce PA feedstocks by using post-industrial textile wastes and over the years Politem has become a part of ecological loop. Plastics are being used prevalently and are infamous with the harm given to globe..
Politem, contributes to health industry by providing its special product developed specifically for this application- Ultra High Melt PP-H - to produce protective melt blown masks. Our material code is ANKYLOPE® P20-149.
We participated in INTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL PLASTICS INDUSTRY FAIR, the 25th of which was held on the dates of 3-6 December 2015, with our whole team. We thank our all guests, who visited our booth during the fair, for their attention...