PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets can withstand outdoor conditions with life-long UV resistance. The perfect choice for sound reduction barriers, skylights, domes and automobile applications; PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets are manufactured from the high precise extruder production line.

- Environment friendly 100% recyclable
- No carcinogenic or hazardous substances
- Non-toxic fumes emitted in case of fire
- Fire can be easily extinguished with water
- Wide thickness range between 2 to 20 mm
- High transparency, 93% light transmission
- Low haze <1%
- Half weight of glass
- Bright and hard surface
- Perfect color stability
- Weather resistance. Life-long UV resistant
- 10-year limited warranty
- Easily thermoformed, machined, polished reshaped and glue bonded
- Cold curving capability

‘No-touch’ production of PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets acrylic sheets from the most developed extrusion line in Europe with strictly isolated clean room, provides optical quality crystal clear sheets. Politem guarantees PTEROFLAT XT’s high quality from the usage of 100% virgin acrylic resin to the thick protective film on both sides of the sheets and finally palletized, packed and shipped protectively.

The structure of no carcinogenic or hazardous substances of 100% recyclable PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets provides an environmental friendly solution to the plastics world.

With it’s solid structure, low weight, superior rigidity and excellent weather resistance; PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets ensures optimum light transmission and perfect solution for architects and interior designers. Easily thermoformed, machined, polished, glue bonded and reshaped PTEROFLAT XT PMMA Acrylic Sheets is half the weight of glass with 93% light transmission.