Plastics manufactured especially for electrical cars has to have excellent liquid resistance, outstanding flame retardancy and of course electrical isolation. Highly versatile engineering polymers are essential for E-Mobility solutions which are used in connectors, cables & cable management.

The fact that plastic solutions could be modified to be flame-resistant, heat-insulating, durable, long-lasting, strong, environmentally friendly and light provides great advantages in the electric automobile industry. In particular, plastic products are preferred in the first place for the insulation of the engine and the electrical components around it. The use and development of plastic products to produce safe, functional, light and environmentally friendly vehicles is causing the electric vehicle industry to grow rapidly.

Intensive researches on E-mobility solutions indicate that 30% of all vehicles will be EV within 20 years and plastics will be one of the most important raw materials for electric cars from the perspective of sustainability.

Politem provides versatile engineering plastics which are flame retardant, heat resistant, electric insulator, strong and durable for the engine and electrical components of EVs.

Strength | EMI Shielding | Wear Resistance | Flame Retardancy | Thermal Conductivity | High Temperature Resistivity | Lightweight Eco-Friendly Solution


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