Did you know that Politem is a part of today’s life saver melt-blown masks ?

Politem, contributes to health industry by providing its special product developed specifically for this application- Ultra High Melt PP-H to produce protective melt blown masks. Our material code is ANKYLOPE® P20-149.


Meltblown is a method of micro and nanofiber production in which a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high-speed blowing gas. Meltblown fabrics are generally used in areas such as filters, medical masks, sound insulation, industrial cleaning.


Produced from 100% Polypropylene (PP) material as in interlining fabric, meltblown can be manufactured from 10 grams to 500 grams. Similar to Spunbond method, Melt blown method has UV additive, anti-static, hydrophilic and fire retardant properties.

ANKYLOPE® P20-149 is a globally patented product.